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March 16-17

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“AML In A Digital World”

The ninth edition of Tech AML series will once again be a Caribbean Anti Money Laundering Virtual Conference with the theme “AML…In a Digital World”. Tech AML 2022 will bring technological insights and awareness of AML issues, dynamics, challenges, and solutions in a digitised environment. quoteDigital transformation has impacted on all spheres of business operations, including the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing. The use of technology in today’s world has influenced how we work, and more so has propelled the money launderers and perpetrators to develop new ways to commit financial crimes – They are certainly on top of their game! Everyday, new methods of financial crimes are being engineered with the aid of technology.

Participants from around the Globe will benefit from two days (March 16 – 17th) of a Virtual Experience on how financial institutions and related entities must reconfigure their operating model, develop capacity and enhance capabilities with the use of technological applications to effectively manage compliance risk.


Tech AML 2022

Major Topics and Synopsis

Due to the intensification of digital usage in electronic money flows, coupled with the millions of financial transactions now undertaken, institutions will find it more challenging to implement systems to minimise the ML/TF/PF risk impact on their organisations. The appropriate use of technology can assist with the fight against “modern-day technologically savvy money launderers” to protect and safeguard the international financial system, of which the Caribbean plays an important role. At Tech AML 2022, participants will hear from industry experts on the various topics from North America and the Caribbean.

Some of the enlighten topics at TECH AML 2022 will be:

  • 1. Approaching KYC & AML/CFT for CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency)
    Based on the experience of developing the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), DCash, now in operation in the Eastern Caribbean, the presentation will deliver into how AML/CFT was designed and built within the product. KYC, tiers, limits and full remote onboarding will be covered.

    Find out how and why the Caribbean is global leader in retail CBDC.
    Only at Tech AML 2022

  • 2. Artificial Intelligence and AML
    At Tech AML 2022, find out how AI can:
    • Lower false positives being created by a rules-based TMS
    • Increase throughput in an investigations process
    • Lower risks by finding and investigating risks that a rules-based TMS is missing
    • Lower risks by making the compliance process more repeatable

    Do you know that AI is:
    • Not expensive
    • Not hard to implement and quickly get value
    • Going to be expected, so you may as well begin the journey

  • 3. How can technology help manage compliance risk?
    There is no doubt that technology that can assist the work of compliance and risk management.

    In this breath-taking discourse, Compliance Professionals will share their experience on how technology have allowed them to better manage compliance risk, together with challenges they are presently experiencing and how technology can help with those challenges.

    The panel of Compliance Professionals will be assisted by a Tech Expert who will lend his expertise on technological trends, IT/IS systems, applications and on best practice to make to make the compliance mandate more effective.
    A not to miss Session – Only at Tech AML 2022.

  • 4. Electronic Payment Systems – How safe are they?
    As we venture into a cashless environment, electronic payment systems are becoming more common among financial institutions and entities.

    But why are there some concerns on the robustness of these electronic systems? Can persons use these systems as vehicles to commit illicit activities? What are the controls and monitoring mechanisms to safeguard the integrity of electronic transactions’ flows? How can we engender confidence for a suspecting end user?
    Answers to these questions can be found out at Tech AML 2022.

  • 5. Trends in Digital Banking – AML Challenges
    Customers are conducting more digital transactions raising more challenges for banks including the threat of cybercrime and fraud
    Financial institutions must protect themselves through the application of appropriate risk mitigants

    At Tech AML 2022, you will:
    • Understand the new types of transactions in the digital world
    • Identify potential threats and risks
    • Be able to apply appropriate measures to mitigate risks

  • 6. Risk Based Assessment - The Use of technology
    Risk assessment continues to be challenging for most compliance professionals. Find out at Tech AML 2022 how effective use of technology can greatly assist in anti-money laundering risk assessment.

  • 7. Cybercrime – The Battle continues!
    Has cybercrime infiltrated your business? It is not a matter of “If”, but “When” you will be attacked!!
    Join a panel of ant-cybercrime experts as they explore critical cybercrime issues:
    • Trends in Cyber attacks
    • Setting up your IT Incident Response System for Cyber attacks
    • Cyber Culture – How can we get persons to understand that the threat is real?

  • 8. The Benefits of a True Risk-Based Approach to Digital Onboarding
    Preventing money laundering feels like an infinite challenge to which you have only finite resources to respond. The challenges include • The AML control environment is too labour-intensive, and there is an over-reliance on ineffective technology
    • Current processes are insufficiently risk-based
    • Existing RegTech solutions suffer from inherent rigidity and limitations
    The pandemic accelerated digital transformation, so what is the happy path to AML effectiveness? What does effective AML look like? The benefits of digital onboarding -- The risk-based approach in detail.
  • 9. The Benefits of a True Risk-Based Approach to Digital Onboarding

Frequently asked questions

  • What about Certificate of Participation?

    Each participant will receive an electronic copy of their Certificate of Participation. The certificate of attendance is conditional on attending the Virtual Conference.

  • What about CPD Credits / Units?

    Most institutions award 1 unit per hour of attendance at courses/seminars/conferences. Attendees can use their Certification of Participation towards gaining CPD units to maintain their professional designation. In addition, and based on request, an individualised letter detailing relevant information on the Conference can be provided to assist with verifiable CPD Units.

  • How do I register

    All registration is on an individual basis and is done Online, via the registration link. Once you click on the link, you will be taken to the Registration Portal, for you to enter your details. Approval of your registration will be granted once payment is confirmed.

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    Access will only be granted upon registration and payment of fee.
    The Conference Platform will be launched through proprietary licensed portal using CICSO Webex. Access will be granted individually using your registered email and unique Registration I.D.

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    No. This is not allowed. Each person must register as an individual whereby a unique Registration ID will be assigned. We urge registrants to keep their login credentials very private. Multiple logins using same Registration ID is NOT accepted.

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    Once registered and fees paid, you will be supplied with login credentials via the email that was used during registration process. Please note that Emails/ Correspondence to you will only be send via the email used during registration. Continuous updates and reminders will be sent to you up to conference start time.

  • Can more than one person view the sessions?

    No. This is not allowed. It is illegal and against the condition of your registration. Registration is on an individual basis. We expect compliance with respect to contract engagement.

  • How long has NEM Leadership Consultants been hosting seminars / conferences?

    Since 2011. This is the ninth edition of the Tech AML (Technical Anti Money Laundering) Event.

  • Can someone else attend the Free Webinars in place of the Registrant?

    We prefer the Tech AML 2022 attendee to participate in the free webinars. However, special arrangements can be accommodated upon request.

  • How can I become AML Certified?

    NEMLC markets and promotes the Anti-Money Laundering Certified Associate (AMLCA) and the Certified Professional In Anti-Money Laundering (CPAML) offered by FIBA in conjunction with Florida International University. To qualify for Discounts for the international programs, send us an email at

  • Can I cancel my registration after payment is made?

    Cancellation before February 28th, 2022 will incur a cancellation fee of 25% of the cost of registration. No refund for cancellation after February 28th, 2022. Please feel free to let us know how best we can assist you to ensure that you may attend our Annual Conference.



Target Groups

Persons in the following positions, sectors and responsibilities are expected to attend Tech AML 2022 – AML In a Digital World.

Held Positions:

Persons in Sectors:

Persons Responsible for:

  • Managers
  • Secretary/ Treasurer
  • Supervisors
  • Directors/CEOs/Presidents
  • Executives/Vice Presidents
  • Compliance Officers(Alternates)
  • Risk Officers          
  • Administrative Personnel
  • Accountants
  • Law Enforcement    
  • Attorneys at Law    
  • IT Personnel
  • Auditors /Analyst   
  • Committee Member
  • Human Resource Personnel
  • Regulators
  • Credit Unions
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Brokers
  • Development Banks
  • Trust & Mortgage Companies
  • Motor Companies
  • Securities
  • National Lotteries
  • Attorney at Law
  • Real Estate
  • Accountants
  • National Security
  • Regulators
  • Policy Making
  • Risk Management
  • Business Development / Sustainability
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • AML Training
  • Reporting and SAR filing
  • Law Enforcement
  • AML Risk Management
  • Customer Due Diligence
  • Transaction Monitoring
  • AML Audits
  • Regulatory Oversight
  • Beneficial Ownership

Speakers / Presenters

The appropriate use of technology can assist with the fight against “modern-day technologically savvy money launderers” to protect and safeguard the international financial system, of which the Caribbean plays an important role.

At Tech AML 2022, participants will hear from industry experts on the various topics from North America and the Caribbean.


Stephen Platt - UK

Founder & CEO RiskScreen – RegTech

David McLaughlin - USA

QuantaVerse Founder and SVP Head of
Technical Integration for AML RightSource

Anthony Peyson - T&T

CFE, CEH, ICT Consultant


Shiva Bissessar - T&T

B.Sc. (Hons.), MBA, M.Sc.
Managing Director & Principal Consultant


Regulator - FIUTT


Jairo Namur - USA

Founder and Chief Commercial
Officer of Intelligence for Action LLC,
a Florida-based Fintech and consulting firm.


Anthony McCollin – T&T

Senior Security and Assurance (iGovTT)


Shakeita Browne – Barbados

Compliance Professional
Barbados Public Workers’ Co-operative Credit Union Limited


Mr. Nigel Matthew – T&T

Founder & CEO of
NEM Leadership Consultants


Helen Llanos – T&T

General Manager
FintechTT Association Strategist
in e-payments

Tech AML 2022

Prices and Benefits

Participation fee per person to attend
Tech AML 2022 Virtual Conference is set as follows:

Participants will benefit from:

    Participant benefits
  • Certificate of Participation/ Attendance
  • Individualized Letter to support Verifiable CPD Units
  • Presentations Recording (For limited time on approval from Presenter)
  • Panel Discussion
  • Attendance at two Free Webinars in 2022 on AML Related topics

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